Weekly Wednesday studies

Women gather weekly on Wednesday’s at our Wadsworth Campus to study the Bible. Both morning and evening studies are offered throughout the year.

Thrive moms

Thrive Moms is a place to let your guard down, to come together and support one another. This group is for moms of any age and stage! It is a community of women who are stepping out of survival mode and thriving. It is a place to be encouraged by God's Word, refreshed by His presence and inspired in our calling. We care about taking care of each other and making sure that not one single mama feels like she's in this alone!


Women in Prayer

Women in Prayer is a group of women who are passionately concerned about their church, community, and country. Standing on Jesus’ promise in Matthew 21:22, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer”, they pray specifically, boldly, and with confidence about shared concerns and then rejoice together as they see God answering prayers. To learn more contact Martha Oakes.