Care Ministry

We all have challenging circumstances, relational pain, and transitional seasons that we experience in life. How we respond during these times has a direct impact on our faith and future. We all need some help from time to time and Northside is committed to come alongside people as they experience these moments.

Care Ministries at Northside


Northside offers assistance by partnering with other local ministries. From financial counseling, limited monetary assistance, resource referrals, and practical assistance in a variety of other areas. You can see a full list of ways and groups we partner with for assistance here

Communion for home-bound

We provide the opportunity for people who are home-bound, hospitalized, or in a nursing care facility to participate in the Lord’s supper. If you would like to have communion brought, please let us know by e-mailing

Hospital visitation

When someone is in the hospital, nursing facility, hospice or home-bound we will go to encourage and pray for them. Most visits are brief out of respect for the healing. If you would like a visit please let us know by e-mailing

Our staff, elders, and prayer team will pray for your situation.

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